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Pagerr is the marketplace for printing with one of a kind optimization ways

Keeping forests intact by eliminating paper waste

Pagerr's innovative way to save materials has gained public and media attention around Europe

Pagerr won Estonian the "Shark Tank" business competition

Ways to save nature with Pagerr

We make green the new standard

Optimized production

Automating the processes and finding optimal layouts to make sure nothing gets wasted

Recycled materials

Encouraging producers and clients to prefer recycled products to lower the need for source materials

Green energy

Provide and encourage manufacturers to use greener energy sources for all processes

Planting trees

To give back to nature, we can plant new trees to make sure forests will not disappear

CO2-free delivery

Making delivery distances shorter and using zero-emissions service providers


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From Estonia,

to the world

With a small idea to simplify the ordering process for print products, we discovered ourselves 0n a path to make a real impact. We took upon the impossible challenge to change the printing industry - eliminating the inefficiencies and saving nature in the process.





How exactly material can be saved?

We encourage everyone to use our method freely

Step 1 ?

Normal way

Simplest way is to do one job at the time. A printshop will take a file and fit it to the paper as many times as possible. Since the paper have given format, usually the client's job is not is scale. it is impossible to efficiently use all available paper area.


One job at a time

Large gaps

Manual layout


Step 2 ?

Optimized way

Optimization software takes account for exactly your machines and capabilities. It will leave minimum space between job files and always finds most efficient way to organize files to the paper. The job count is limited and empty spaces are probe to happen.





Extra income

Step 3 ?

Pagerr's way

Pagerr will check the print layout, already optimized and finds out usable empty paper areas. These areas will be filled with jobs already waiting in marketplace. Pagerr takes into account size and can change design size to fill in everything possible.

Pagerr is committed to making a change

We are using all the methods to make sure our nature stays intact. We make green the new standard in the industry.

Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible Consumption and Production Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Change happens when we eliminate all the inefficiencies

Tailor-made solution to make your life easier and save


Best value for money, always


Based on your preferences, you will always get the best possible price for any product you are looking for


You will have access to exclusive discounts, and campaigns and will earn cashback in all the printshops


Online process, fast and easy

Quick ordering

With an all-online platform, the ordering process is simple and fast. You can easily re-order and automate the process.

Print files

You can use our online designer tool, or upload your PDF which will be automatically checked and corrected for printing.


Implement standards, remove headache


Everything from one place and combined invoicing. The process is the same no matter the seller you choose.


Everything is done online and saved, so you can avoid miscommunications and always double-check quickly.


Clear consciousness with any product

ECO options

You can always prefer more nature-friendly products, materials, and production processes to take care of nature.


You can find many ways to offset your CO2. You can choose to plant trees and take advantage of surplus materials.

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With locations across the Europe, you can save everywhere

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Still some questions?

We are here for you 24/7, just reach out to us

What can I order from Pagerr?


From Pagerr, you will find everything needed for businesses of any size. We are actively adding new products to be ordered automatically from our marketplace, but meanwhile, you can request any product in our quote form. We will match you with the right sellers.

Where is Pagerr based?


Pagerr is an international platform, which gives you a choice to order products either locally or cross-border. We have a local support team and designers at your disposal in many locations worldwide.

How to find the needed item?


The printing industry is confusing, there are so many possibilities and good things have many names. To make accessibility easier, you can find easy-to-use navigation or contact your account manager.

Which quantities are available?


Pagerr is here to help businesses of any size, hence we don't apply any limits to minimum or maximum quantities. We have suitable production partners available for jobs of any size. Just ask your account manager.

How to receive my order?


You have 2 ways, go pick up the order on your own or let it be delivered to you either by a courier or at a pick-up point.

What to do if there are issues with my order?


You can contact your dedicated account manager, or Pagerr support at any time and we will help you with any concern. If you have problems with the sellers, then we can help to solve them.

Can I use Pagerr on my own?


Good news, yes! The idea is to make one platform, intuitive and easy to use, so you can get anything you need within clicks. While we are still in progress to develop, you can ask your account manager and they will assist you even when the feature is not publically available yet.

How to place an order?


We offer 2 ways for ordering - pre-set products with instant quotes and custom quotes. Once you have found a suitable offer, you can follow the ordering steps - upload files, select delivery options, and make payment online.

Who will bill me?


With Pagerr, there's no hassle with the invoices anymore. You can opt-in for merged invoicing, meaning you will get a single, combined invoice for any seller you pick from the marketplace. This way, you will have just 1 partner, but endless options for ordering.

Can I order directly from the seller?


Yes, with our solution you can see and pick the seller on your own and if you prefer to be billed by the seller directly, you can do it. Pagerr is all about transparency and making your life easier.

Why should I use Pagerr?


We promise to provide the best printing service to you. With our extensive network of partners and automation, we can offer you the convenience and better price. We also have special discounts and cash rebate programs for all orders.